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How can I recruit top talent at scale with pre-recorded video interviews?
How can I recruit top talent at scale with pre-recorded video interviews?

How to use Tolstoy to make great hires fast

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Pre-recorded video interviews will save you hours of work, at every point in the recruiting funnel, all while giving candidates an unforgettable experience.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Decide what you want to use Tolstoy for. The most common recruiting use cases we've seen are:

  • Prospecting. Send a Tolstoy to stand out in a crowded recruiting field. Record a quick video to talk about the role you're hiring for, and give prospects a feel for your company's team and culture. You can send your Tolstoy in an email, LinkedIn message, or any other form of outreach you'd like.

  • Screening. Automate your entire screening process with Tolstoy. Video is the best way to talk about the role, show off the rest of your team and culture, and ask deep questions. Candidates can respond by filling out surveys, choosing from multiple-choice options, submitting free text responses, and of course, submitting audio and/or video responses. You can record a screening flow on your phone or computer in minutes, and use it thousands of times.

  • Post-Interview followup. Wow your candidates by sending a Tolstoy video survey as a follow-up to your interview process. Candidates can respond with a video to provide your team with in-depth feedback and testimonials.

2. Next, record your interview flow on your phone or computer.

3. Upload your videos to Tolstoy’s builder, and customize them to improve the candidate experience.

4. Share your Tolstoy in an email, LinkedIn message, or even on-site. You can also set up an automation, to send out your Tolstoy when a candidate fills out a form on your site or progresses past a certain stage in your ATS.

5. Track and analyze user data in the Tolstoy dashboard to optimize funnels, or connect to your ATS software.

  • Leverage Tolstoy's native ATS integrations to send all your data to your existing candidate pages.

  • Deep dive into candidate drop-off with granular views of your Tolstoy steps.

That’s it! You’re all set to create amazing recruitment funnels to hire the right talent.

For any other help setting up your Tolstoy, contact us at

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