Depending on what a user answers in a Tolstoy segment, you might want to take them to different parts of the Tolstoy. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to get more detailed information about a user while simultaneously avoiding asking questions the user doesn’t care about 💁‍♀️ Follow the instructions below to learn more!

  1. Make the first part of the Tolstoy. If you need help with this step, see the guide here.

  2. Add parts to your Tolstoy (you need more than one part to make a branching Tolstoy). To add the next part of the Tolstoy, simply press Add new part.
    Create however many more parts you want by adding a new part, recording or choosing a video, and adding questions and choices.
    Your Tolstoy will then look something like this:

  3. Make branching between the different parts - you need to set the links between choices and different parts.

    Depending on what the user chooses, they can potentially be brought to different parts of the Tolstoy.

    For example, if the user chooses to go to the cafe, they should be redirected to the video of the delicious-looking coffee and cake 🍰 , which is part 3. If the user chooses to go to the beach, they should be redirected to the footage of the beach, and so on and so forth.

    To establish the different connections, click the dropdown on the right side of each part and choose where the user should be redirected.

    This is how the Tolstoy will look after setting up the connections.

As you can see, now if the user selects Beach, they will be brought to Part 2, the beach. If they choose Cafe, they will be redirected to Part 3.

That’s it! Now, depending on which choices a user chooses, they will be sent to different parts of the Tolstoy.

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