We are so excited you are taking your first steps into the Tolstoy platform!

This guide will give you all the tools you need to create your first Tolstoy. Any long or branching Tolstoy comprises individual clips and videos created simply from your computer, phone, templates, or uploaded from your own video files.

To learn how to make your first Tolstoy, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up if you don’t already have an account.

    To create your first Tolstoy, you must create a Tolstoy account. On https://www.gotolstoy.com, you can click on Get Tolstoy for free to sign up.

    Now, either follow the prompts and enter a password or Continue with Google. Follow the instructions and enter a secure password.

    You can also create an account by navigating directly to the signup page at https://app.gotolstoy.com/signup.

  2. Answering onboarding questions.

    Let’s go ahead and make our first Tolstoy!

    After creating an account, you will be directed to the onboarding page, which will ask you to tell us more about your company to customize your experience.

    You can either choose Skip or Continue to keep answering the questions. Once done, you can click on Done or Create my first Tolstoy.

  3. Make your Tolstoy.

    The first step is recording, upload, or choosing a video clip.

    Options include creating an entirely new recorded video, recording your screen, uploading a video file from your computer, choosing a video from your library (this will be empty when you make your first Tolstoy!), importing from TikTok and Instagram or choosing from a variety of stock videos.

  4. Film the first Tolstoy clip.

    Choose the “Start recording” option to film the clip on your own.

    If prompted, give Tolstoy access to your microphone and camera so the video can be recorded.

    Record your video and press stop when you are finished recording.

    If you like the video, proceed with the video! Otherwise, select that you don’t like the video and record the clip again.

  5. Add question and response options!

    Once you are happy with the first clip, it’s time to add some text and options for the user to interact with Tolstoy.

    Under the Question section, type the question (if anything) you want to display. Then, add some choices for the user to select from.

    Here is an example of a filled-out question with choices.

  6. Choose what type of response each choice should prompt.

    The right side of the choices section indicates what action each choice corresponds to.

    Each option provides the user with a different way to interact with Tolstoy.

    Next step will simply take the user to the next part of the Tolstoy.
    Free text prompts the user to enter the text that will be sent to the Tolstoy creator.
    Lead form asks for some user information such as email address, name, etc.
    Video response prompts the user to record a response video.
    Audio response prompts the user to record an audio response.
    Calendar allows the user to set a meeting time with the Tolstoy creator.
    Promo code gives the user a promo code they get as a reward for watching the Tolstoy.
    Chat will redirect the user to one of the live chat platforms that are integrated with Tolstoy (click here to learn more).
    Link redirects the user to the desired link.

    Once you are satisfied with the question, choices, and choice types, click Share Tolstoy.

Now, you can see what your Tolstoy looks like so far:

And that’s it! Your first Tolstoy is ready to be shared!

To add more steps and logical branches to your Tolstoy, see our guide on creating a multi-step Tolstoy

For detailed information on publishing and embedding your Tolstoy, see our guides on sharing your Tolstoy

We would love to receive your feedback at support@gotolstoy.com.

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