Collecting video reviews from your audience just got easier. Send out a Tolstoy asking your users to leave a video review for your company or product, and they can shoot back a quick video providing feedback.

This can be useful for:

  • SaaS companies hoping to collect honest feedback from their customers.

  • eCommerce businesses hoping to learn how customers feel about their products.

  • Customer success teams wanting to hear from their users how their onboarding experiences can be improved.

  • And more! 🤩

Ready to start collecting video reviews? Here's how:

  1. Create a new Tolstoy.

  2. Select Ready-made Tolstoy.

  3. Select Collect Reviews.

  4. Choose your presenter, and click on Next.

  5. Add text for your question and your choice - once you are ready, select Create Tolstoy.

  6. Click on "Share Tolstoy" when you are finished.

  7. To invite users via email, select Email, and add the email address of whom you would like to leave a video response. Then, click on Copy code.

  8. If you are using an email automation tool, tick the box below, leave the email field empty and select Copy code.

  9. Draft a new email to your client and paste the code, which will generate a gif -

  10. Once sent, the gif will redirect the client to a Tolstoy page, prompting them to leave their video response.

  11. You can also embed the video response request directly in your site!

You are now able to request video responses from your clients!

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