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What are the types of content I can create with Tolstoy?
What are the types of content I can create with Tolstoy?

From recording on Tolstoy to uploading a video to sharing your screen, there are many ways to create video content for your Tolstoy.

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You made the first step of deciding to create a Tolstoy. That's great! But how do you start?

Whether you're ready to film on the spot or want to upload videos you recorded months ago, there are many different ways to create video content for your Tolstoy!

Here's how:

  1. To start, either go to the Onsite or Offsite section on the left panel of your screen and click Create Tolstoy on the top right.


    You have the option to kick off with widely popular use cases Product page stories, Homepage spotlight, and the "For You" video feed on the TV page.

    You may also create from scratch.

    Choose the layout you'd like to create

    Choose which page you want your chosen Tolstoy layout to display (eg. Homepages, Product pages, Collection pages, Other pages).



    Choose between Swipeable or Branching.

  2. Here, you can select your preferred method for creating video content.

  • Upload file - Upload a pre-recorded video of any file type directly into the system.

  • TikTok - Import a TikTok link to the platform.

  • Instagram - Import an Instagram video to the platform.

  • Record Video - Record a video on the spot through your computer or phone camera.

  • Record screen - Record your screen activity to walk users through your website or app.

  • Video Library - Upload from a selection of videos that have already been uploaded. This will be empty when you're making your first Tolstoy!

  • Tolstoy Library - Upload from a selection of Tolstoys created by all team members.

  • Stock videos - Choose from one of our stock videos to find relevant video content that works for you.

Congrats! You're on your way to creating an interactive Tolstoy video that can be shared or published in whichever way you choose.

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