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How do I communicate with UPS Digital Connections partner companies and services?
How do I communicate with UPS Digital Connections partner companies and services?

How to get started and learn about UPS Digital Connections vendor partners.

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UPS Digital Connections has partnered with Tolstoy, an easy-to-use interactive video platform, in order to create a simpler way for you to learn about and communicate with UPS Digital Connections partner companies and services.

We have created a landing page for you to make it more accessible to find information and interact with the UPS Digital Connections partners relevant to you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Getting to the landing page

Click here to access the UPS Digital Connections Vendor Portal.

2. Accessing specific vendor pages

From the landing page, you can navigate through the different sections (eCommerce integrations, Shipping solutions, Demand generation services, Hardware and packaging) to find the vendor you are looking for.

Click on the vendor you want to learn about to access their unique page!

3. Vendor page overview

Once you access a vendor's unique page, you will find all of the information and communication tools you will need, including:

  • An education tool: An interactive Tolstoy video that provides you with information on the company, services, or product

  • Communication tools: up to 3 buttons are offered that allow you to interact with the vendor, providing the abilities to Ask partner a question, Schedule a meeting, or Submit a lead

4. Learning via the Tolstoy video

The interactive Tolstoy video will take you through a series of video parts with answers at the bottom, allowing you to choose what you want to learn about next. Here's how you can use it:

  • Click on the play button to get started.

  • After the first video clip, you'll see you have some answers to choose from. Click on the response that's relevant for you, and you'll be taken to the next video clip.

Continue through the Tolstoy to keep learning!

5. Buttons Overview: how to interact with the vendor

One each vendor page you'll find up to 3 buttons:

  • Ask partner a question: click here to to submit any question you have for the partner.

Here's what the form will look like:

Fill out your contact details and your message, and hit submit to send your question to the vendor.

  • Schedule a meeting: click here to be taken to the vendor's calendar link so you can schedule time with them.

  • Submit a lead: click here to be taken to a form allowing you to submit a lead's information.

Here's what the popup form will look like:

Enter your information and the information of the lead, and hit submit to send it to the vendor.

6. Communicating with the vendor after submitting your information.

After you submit any information to the vendor, you will receive responses back from them in your email, where you can continue the conversation from there.

And that's it! You're ready to use the UPS Digital Connections Vendor Portal. You now have a way of learning about and interacting with the partners relevant to you--quickly and easily, at any time.

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