With Tolstoy, you can instantly choose an engaging video bot for your site which directs visitors to what they need. Check out our interactive video chatbots and how you can customize them to fit your needs:

Why should I use Tolstoy chatbots?

  • Explain what your product/service does through a video

  • Drive more demos/product signups

  • Answer the most frequently asked questions

  • Provide a live chat option for users to connect with you

Here's an example of a chatbot on our site:

Here's how to set it up!

  1. From the Tolstoy dashboard, select New Tolstoy, then Interactive Video.

  2. Click on Start from Template to get started.

  3. Next, select from our options of ready-made Tolstoy templates. Choose which one makes sense for your business goals!

    Here are some of the examples:

    Welcome Visitors: collect leads and support questions, feedback and comments, all while giving your website a sleek and innovative look.

    Video Support: allow people to directly communicate with you through video, audio or text, and easily respond to all of them within Tolstoy.

    Personal Stylist: Provide personalized, one-to-one consultations to every visitor with a personal stylist.

    Offer Discount: Collect leads with ease and grace with Tolstoy’s discount bot, and automatically send your visitors their discounts via email, after they leave you their lead information.

    Unboxing: Ask your customers to send in a recording of themselves opening their new items for the first time!

    Collect Reviews: Collect video reviews and testimonials from customers directly inside Tolstoy.

  4. To show you an example, we chose a Welcome Visitors chatbot. Choose from any of our pre-made videos and hit next when you find the right one for you.

  5. Time to customize your chatbot. You can change the overlay text, or even the video itself if you would like to film your own video. Then decide how people should answer your bot. You can:

    • Ask for a video review

    • Add open text to explain a support issue

    • Send them to your live chat

    • Direct them to your blog

    • Book a meeting with your team

    • And much more! 🤩 Click here to learn more about types of Tolstoy responses.

    Keep in mind you’ll also want to have a lead form display if you’re planning on contacting these viewers again.

  6. When you're done, and ready to add the video chatbot to your website, Click Launch to Site in the top right corner to enter Tolstoy's Sharing Settings.

  7. To set the widget in your Wix or Shopify site, download the Tolstoy app from the app store (Wix/Shopify). The widget will automatically appear on your site when set to Live.

And you’re set! If you need any other help, reach out to us at support@gotolstoy.com and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.

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