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What are the advanced Tolstoy widget configurations?
What are the advanced Tolstoy widget configurations?

Learn how to configure your Tolstoy widget to perform different functions on your site.

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If you are looking to manually configure your widget to your preference (always shown, remove the close option, etc.) then you came to the right place! 😎

Here's how you can configure your Tolstoy widget on your site:

1. First, find your Tolstoy ID from within your Tolstoy URL (, and paste the following code on your site.


2. Choose which of the following configurations you want for your widget, and add pieces following code.

Here's the entire piece of code, including all of the options mentioned below:

window.tolstoySettings = { 
alwaysShow: true,
loadHidden: true,
minified: true,
stopPreviewLoop: true,
noCloseOption: true,

Here's a breakdown of the options you have to configure your widget, with the corresponding lines of code:

  • alwaysShow: In case a user closed the widget and you want to keep showing it to him.

    • To enable, add: alwaysShow: true

  • loadHidden: load the widget without showing it.

    • To enable, add: loadHidden: true

  • minified: show a minified version of the preview.

    • To enable, add: minified: true

  • stopPreviewLoop: stop the preview window from endlessly looping.

    • stopPreviewLoop: true

  • noCloseOption: no option to close the widget.

    • noCloseOption: true

3. Choose the following methods you want for your widget, and add the following pieces of code to enable:

  • start()

    start the widget on expanded and plays immediately


  • show()

    show the widget;

  • hide()

    hide the widget


  • recreate(tolstoyWidgetId, settings)

    load a new widget, settings are optional


  • on(eventType, callback)

    gives option to trigger a callback on chosen events.


    • eventType

      supported events:

      • onWidgetOpen - triggers when the widget is opened

      • onWidgetReady - triggers when the widget is ready

    • callback

      A function to trigger.


    window.tolstoyWidget.on('onWidgetOpen', () => { console.log('Widget Opened') });

If you are looking for more advanced customization, feel free to check out our Developer Portal!

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any more questions.

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