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Embedding your Tolstoy
How can I embed a Tolstoy on my Squarespace site?
How can I embed a Tolstoy on my Squarespace site?

How to embed a Tolstoy on your Squarespace site

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You can easily embed your Tolstoy with Squarespace! Begin by creating your first Tolstoy, and start collecting responses by embedding it into your site 🌌 This will allow you to personalize every viewer’s experience and track all engagements and responses!

  1. Go to the Tolstoy you want to publish on your site, and go to the Install tab and copy the code.

  2. On your Squarespace home page, click on "+" where you want your Tolstoy to appear.

  3. Click Code.

  4. Paste the code in your Squarespace site. Your Tolstoy should appear instantly after pasting the code!

  5. Resize and relocate the Tolstoy to your preference.

That's it! You're all set.

Note: To embed to your site, make sure you are on a Pro, Business or Enterprise plan.

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